Here’s the Story

Most of you really know who I am, but for those who don’t, it really doesn’t matter, does it? You enjoy the content, or you don’t, in which case you aren’t even reading this.

I was a very successful writer until I was persecuted and exiled.

Ok not really.

I was a marginal independent writer–not unlike where I am now–and my day job HR department got on my case so I went underground with this ferkakte alias. So I deleted my twitter account, brought my blog to a screeching halt, and re-started everything here.

Which is fine.

4 responses to “Here’s the Story

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  2. We extremely prefer that which you place in this article. Particularly informative as well as reasonable. A particular situation however. I’m operating Safari along with Debian as well as segments of the active style items really are a small wonky. We realise it’s not really a popular setup. Nevertheless it’s a specific thing in order to have in view. We trust it might assist as well as always keep in the main high quality composing.

  3. Hi Lenox,

    I’m David from Spain, and I write Spanish translations of free self-published books I found interesting around Internet. I publish them for free download on my website on ePub, PDF and Mobi formats. I usually publish them under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Comercial license, but I’m open to other possibilities.

    I wonder if it would be with ok that I write a translation of “Back(stabbed) in Brooklin” and publish it on my site under CC-BY-NC-SA license (or other terms you find fit).

    Thanks for reading this, sincerely,

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