It Will Come

There is nothing like a long, slow, quiet period for a writer when, well, nothing gets written. I’m not concerned — it’s not like writing earns me a living and now I’m eating crumbs. I enjoy writing. It’s like when you go to a party and you just kind of sit there and watch everyone, have a drink or two, nibble on some chips, and don’t really interact. That’s what I’m feeling as a writer now: just hanging out watching, with no desire to chime in.

It has nothing to do with discipline–I don’t view writing as a chore or a task.

It has little to do with paranoia, depression, or other mental distress. While they may certainly be in the context of my and other writers’ lives, that’s always been there even when I was writing 1000+ words a day.

It’s just a period now that I don’t feel anything about. As if I’m on writer’s prozac, and devoid of any feelings for or against writing.

Which is too bad, because I miss writing, I like writing, and I enjoy reading my writing.

What sucks about the whole process–and you’ve read this ad nauseum–is the self-promotion. I think perhaps I’ve spent myself on that front. The self-promotion, as contradictory as that may be, is what may have exhausted the last shred of creativity from my bones.

I know just as well as anyone the importance of cultivating an audience of likers of my work, so don’t lecture me about how I must keep on keepin’ it on.

And sadly, I just can’t write stuff enjoyably without knowing there will be an audience for it. It’s the feedback, the discourse, the criticism, the applause that makes the process of putting a story out into the world enjoyable.

Someone told me a few weeks ago to write an write and write and keep it on my harddrive until I feel ready to share it.

Nah. That just won’t do.

Until I feel like mingling in the party again–and that’s just a mood thing–I’ll just stand on the sidelines for a little while longer.

It’ll come. I know it will come.

Thanks for reading.


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2 responses to “It Will Come

  1. Yes, yes, you’re correct in everything you’ve said. Standing on the sidelines just means you may not be part of the party – yet – but you’re looking and hearing with writer’s eyes and ears.

  2. It’s weird though, you know?

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