@MikeCane, I Respectfully Disagree, But Only Kind Of. Not So Much. Ok, It’s Not Really Even Disagreeing…

I’m not disagreeing on all counts with your post on Tumbler here.  However, point by point, allow me to rebut. (Ha ha, rebut. I said reBUT.)

I blog about writing independently and publishing.  And conveniently, I am a writer and I write books and short stories, somewhat prolifically for someone with a dayjob and two toddlers. My posts right here are both fiction and commentary, posted at least 2x week. As you remember on my last blog, I didn’t post fiction there because I used another source for posting fiction, Year Zero Writers. Now I post in both places.

While Murderati is great, and indeed it is, it’s just not for me so much. I’m not much of a joiner, figure that. And so for some of my commentary posts to receive wider readership and thus broader discussion–my objective–Self Publishing Review and Publetariat have both offered several writers and DIY publishing enthusiasts an opportunity to cross-post, without conditions.

Daily blog posts are not a condition for success, even for a joint blog. (Oh, wait, what is success? The 60 people or so who read this blog wouldn’t be considered any sort of success to anyone I know, but for me, just engaging with a few people in the comments section is enough success for me.) A news and development-related blog should have daily posts, like yours, and many of us have appreciated the timely updates you’ve provided on a host of issues. Keep ’em coming.

Murderati isn’t for me, and you said it in the first line of your post: Genre. I don’t write genre fiction. I don’t write genre anything, so I don’t  fit. I still enjoy reading it from time to time, and I do hope that it is the blog of the future because everyone knows that there are too many bullshit blogs. I don’t want to hear about one more fucking “Rambling notes on the thoughts of a writer” blog.

So ok, I’m not really disagreeing with you; I just wanted to put my points out there in a little more than 140 characters.


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6 responses to “@MikeCane, I Respectfully Disagree, But Only Kind Of. Not So Much. Ok, It’s Not Really Even Disagreeing…

  1. It wasn’t complete thoughts, just notes. And “genre” doesn’t have to mean “genre.” Could be writers who see the world the same way and their books reflect that.

  2. You don’t see SelfPubReview and Publetariat in that same way? Murderati is a well-done blog, for sure, and there are tons of shitty ones out there.

    I and hate tumblr.

  3. Murderati probably isn’t unique in this, and Mike acknowledged as much in his post. I think SPR would definitely qualify, even if it’s not as regimented as what Mike’s talking about with Murderati, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Independent authors blogging collectively about self-publishing, providing content more regularly than any single author could (or should) be able to, but still staying on topic and relevant.

    Still, I agree with a lot of what Mike said. When it comes to blogs, consistency builds audience – consistency in both frequent updates and content quality. Most individual authors are going to have trouble delivering on both fronts, since their time and energy goes into writing first and blogging second.

    This is certainly the case with my own blog, which I fear has been almost a perfect example of what not to do. I try to self-impose a reasonably high standard for content – I don’t do many “what I had for lunch today” posts – but my posting has been too irregular to build an audience.

    Although I could just be lazy. Or uninteresting. Maybe the real reason I liked Mike’s post was it absolved me of the guilt of being a terrible blogger. But I have definitely seen the value of collective blogging, even though, like Lenox, I tend not to be a really good “joiner”. This is why I started cross-posting at SPR. YZW has great blog too, although it tends to be focused more on flash fiction than actual blogging, but I’m thinking of talking to Dan about cross-posting some of my upcoming pieces there.

    The most important point, though – which I absolutely agree with Mike on – is that publishers are never going to get there heads out of the asses long enough to realize how to do this right. Which is exciting because it gives indie authors an opening, another chance to give readers something that the mainstream pubs can’t.

    • Can you imagine if a mainstream publisher started a joint author blog for them to write their perspectives and experiences, interspersed with some insight on publishing? And if they did this without any obnoxious and aggressive advertising and selling, it would be earthshattering. But you’re right, they have their heads in their asses and can’t do it.

      I think in the course of the past year and a half, the evolution of author blogs, joint and singular, has been indicative of the opening of the floodgates. Readers, bloggers and writers alike have begun to adjust to their preferences. Many shitty blogs have gone by the wayside; and many of us have adjusted (or at least recognized) what works and what doesn’t.

      These blogs are indicative, maybe, of the independent publishing pool, and so we may see a consolidation of works out there; and perhaps some of the good stuff will really become more visible and the crappy stuff won’t be posted as prolifically as it’s been for the past year and a half or so.

      We’ll see!

  4. >>>SelfPubReview and Publetariat

    No. Those are topic blogs. Murderati, as you’ve seen, isn’t. Murderati lets each writer post whatever the hell they want, even food! That’s what defines a blog, “I want to say this, not what you say a topic should be.” (Which is why I’ve tried very hard to avoid ever doing a single topic blog — they bore the hell out of me.)

    And I said no damned publisher should do this. It’d be poisoned by those assholes in Marketing.

  5. Moxie, any time. We’re not really a blog, which is why we don’t post like a blog – the blog part of the website is just one aspect of giving readers a chance to get to know us and our work.

    Lenox – your posts are welcome in our Saturday slot any time.

    I think there IS a danger with self/indie/alt publishers that we spend too much time being polemical when actually there’s no need. The best way to beat any stigma that may or may not exist is by getting out and producing brilliant work not by writing about how good our work is or how much stigma sucks and is unfair. There most definitely IS, though, a place for great aggregation sites on how-to and idea brainstorming – like Publetariat

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