Shameless Self Promotion Starts NOW! New Book Title and Synopsis

Here it is, drumroll, please:

Back(stabbed) In Brooklyn

Below is the synopsis. I trust you’ll lay on the commentary as appropriate. Really all I want to know is, does this make you want to read the book? BETTER, does it make you want to watch the MOVIE?

Next I’ll have a contest on who you think the main character is modeled on. You’ll get a free book. But first I need a cover design. Damn.

So I may just serialize this thing right here on Eat My Book.

Howard Kessler has lived the fast life of a Hollywood star. What could Howard possibly need after a lifetime filled with everything anyone could ever want? When he gets fired from the set of a film which was supposed to resurrect his status and details come out about a sordid, drunken affair with a possibly underage groupie, his long time girlfriend leaves him and Howard embarks on soul-searching expedition that takes him right back to Brooklyn, against the will of his trusted friend and agent. His expectations of finding fulfillment and vindication were high as he left Los Angeles city limits. He envisioned a big welcome, warm embraces, and the nostalgia of the fun of the past. As he travels east, he realizes he has a better opportunity to reinvent himself and changes his objective.

The reunion provides the painful details of the past, and reminds Howard why he left Coney Island and never turned back. He seizes the opportunity to exploit the guys and the put the old—and not so pretty—stories in a screenplay. While he holes up in a condo in Brighton Beach to write it, the untrusting daughter and journalist of one of his pals writes a scathing expose in a high profile, glossy magazine of Howard using interviews given by members of the old gang and others.

Meanwhile, Howard’s agent and close friend begins to lose confidence—not to mention his main source of commissions—in him and wavers in his loyalty. And the old gang was never as tight as they would like to remember and the reunion opens wounds incurred by old girlfriends, gambling debts, petty crimes and grand larceny, and enough secrets to fill a book.

As a two-time Oscar nominee, Emmy winner, and even a Tony nomination, Howard’s time in the spotlight had been sustained and well-deserved. His runs with women, alcohol, and dice have also earned him the notorious reputation as the Brooklyn tough-guy in Hollywood.  A kid from Brooklyn with no education and no positive role-models, Howard’s fame, fortune, and grandiosity earned him a reputation throughout the entertainment industry as big-spender with a gritty personality, but also as an appealing and straightforward celebrity.

Howard found success once he left Brooklyn, but at a cost that he may regret: leaving so quickly and cutting those ties for almost 50 years had enabled trivial resentments to turn into lifelong grudges.

Back(stabbed) In Brooklyn is written through the multiple perspectives of the old gang, Howard’s agent, and the expose writer. Meet the old gang and see for yourself who comes out on top in the end.


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13 responses to “Shameless Self Promotion Starts NOW! New Book Title and Synopsis

  1. Yes, it most certainly does make me want to read the book, and watch the movie. Slam that baby down.

    • Thank you, thank you!


      Now I just need Bonnie Bernstein from ICM to call me back with a movie deal. (Yes, actually, I am willing to sell out for the big screen.)

      Moving right along…


      • Yeah, me too. I’ve done the starving artist thing more than enough. A book deal and a movie rights sale would be most appreciated.

        But really, I think you’re onto something here. Keep the action flying, keep the chapters short and fast, and end each chapter with a cliff hanger.

  2. yearzerowriters

    You know I loved the first however many chapters of “Old Gang” I read so for me it’s a definite goer.

    Can’t comment on the movie side of things, not my area of expertise.

    Like the change of title as well.

    Marc Nash x

    • oh that title was jonezing for a change. i hated the old one from day one, it was trite and awful.

      this one’s kind of gimmicky, but maybe i could use a little gimmick here and there.

      i still surprise myself with how straightforward this story is–the only off-ishness is the multiple perspectives, but it’s not like that hasn’t been done before.

      thanks for your support, as always.

  3. I do feel this is a story people would keep turning the pages and reading. And, yes, definitely a movie.

    I agree with PD’s advice on keeping chapters short, sweet, and flying!

    And I know the reasons why you had to change title but the new title is great.

    • thanks marisa!

      i’ll put the first chapter up on sunday-ish, no promises these days (learned that promising and committing started to make me more neurotic than i needed to be).

      this is really the best attempt at short, sweet, and fast while still being engaging. i’m looking forward to feedback on it.

      thanks to you!

  4. Stephanie

    I love the multiple perspectives type of book so I am looking forward to reading this one! It should be interesting to read about a man who is delving into his past and relationships, etc… written by a woman. You have taken on the challenge!

    • so glad to see you here! thanks for coming by.

      i’ll keep you updated on the publishing of this baby.

      many of us have had a slew of conversations and debates about writing in character from the perspective of a different sex, among other things. i’ll try and dig up the link to a great debate we had on year zero and post it up here. it is interesting to see how other writers react to the notion of surprise at writing different perspectives. marc nash, above, wrote a whole book that reads as a stream of consciousness from a woman’s perspective. it’s very convincing. in fact it took some persuading on twitter from his character handle, @karendash, that he was indeed marc.

      we’ll see how i pull it off!

  5. marchorne

    Don’t want to sound like Authonomy here, but paragraphs 4 and 5 could just be cut.

    Yeah, I want to read it. Is it funny?: I guess I should be able to figure that out from the synopsis. Let me read it again…

    OK… I am thinking only bitter humor now. Great!

    I’ll buy one!

    • thanks, marc! as you probably already know i despise authonomy but i did post this for comment and input so i do appreciate your crit and wavered on those very sections, myself.

      i honestly feel that writing a synopsis for the sake of potential readers is so much easier and meaningful rather than writing it for a freaking agent. this process has been much more interesting to me–it didn’t feel like a chore. it wasn’t painful. it was difficult, for sure, but boiling down a 70k word novel into a 400 word synopsis wasn’t torture: it is to attract readers.

      that’s like the holy grail of writing synopses, even for those who are still interested in submitting their manuscripts to agents.

      see how productive we all are, here at eat my book?

      thanks babe.

  6. eBookNoir

    Sounds good, movie could be interesting as well. How about Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck or possibly Michael Keaton.

    • eh, i envision these guys as much older. i’d name the celeb that the main character is based on, but then i’d ruin the fun. (not really, but i’m trying to actually get in touch with his representation so he could actually read the book and play the role that i wrote based on him anyway!)

      i hadn’t thought of michael keaton at all; his portrayal of batman has soured me on him for years. maybe he’s still got something left.

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